Saturday, September 13, 2008


Thanks to Tres' Birds!
She is right. We have decided to STEP up the blogging and begin posting new project re-do's and crafty know hows just for you:) Things we are working on and things you can buy at our show! yipee!
It should be fun.. And since it was my idea, I guess that means I have to go first:( Bummer!
BUT, I have a very fun project in store for you:) And it is very fall'ish! I will be going to goodwill today to find the perfect ingredients list for this project. It involves a pumpkin and maybe an old scary mystery book:) AND, It will be a give-away on post 25! Be looking for it!


Anonymous said...

oooo...I can't wait. How close are we to post #25??????

Amber Rose said...

That's right thanks to Tres Birds..